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D-Strap 真愛是任何形狀 - Pride Version - 多色可選


1. Clean the phone case.

2. Stick the back plate with damage free 3M onto the phone case.

3. Slide the metal buckle into the back plate, until you feel and hear a click.


* Free extra 3M Sticker in package for reusing D-Strap.

* Please make sure there are 28x110mm space at the back of your phone.

* Please do not apply D-Strap on to device directly.

*3M adhesive work best on phone case surface without any coating.


Perfect Gift

To enhance your sincerity, we put a lot of effort to the packaing. D-Strap will be the best gift for your beloved one.

Soft & Warm Touch

D-Strap gives you the most comfortable experience with its composition: 70% of ppolyester and 30% of rubber thread.

Private Theatre

Enjoy movie by Inserting Airpods case into D-Strap to make a stand for your iPhone!

Comfy & Secure Grip

No more phone drop! No more breaking screen! D-Strap connects your palm and the phone softly and securly in a well designed locking mechanism.

Free Your Hand

D-Strap is designed to fulfil unconvience single hand scenario like holding handrail in metro, coffee cup, umbrella under the rain, etc......

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