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D-Strap | Free Replacement


If your D-Strap is unfortunately loosen, pls contact our customer service for free replacement😀.

Thanks so much for supporting Departure at the very beginning:) 
Some of our customers found that the fast patch of D-Strap got loosen after a period of time.

Replacement scheme is now announced here to make sure our customers enjoy using D-Strap. 

You may click the following links to contact our customer service:



Your Personal Movie Theatre

Enjoy movie by Inserting Airpods case into D-Strap to make a stand for your iPhone!

Comfy & Secure Grip

No more phone drop! No more breaking screen! D-Strap connects your palm and the phone softly and securly in a well designed locking mechanism.

Soft & Warm Touch

D-Strap gives you the most comfortable experience with its composition: 70% of ppolyester and 30% of rubber thread.

Free Your Hand

D-Strap is designed to fulfil unconvience single hand scenario like holding handrail in metro, coffee cup, umbrella under the rain, etc......

Best Gift For Her/ Him

To enhance your sincerity, we put a lot of effort to the packaing. D-Strap will be the best gift for your beloved one.

Installation Guide

Don't worry about the installation. We designed a guideline for you!